Your Makeup Can Make All Women More Special And Beautiful


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Become a Beautician and show all women how beautiful they are.

If you have time and money you can take a proper training and kick start your profession. If you are not able to do so, you can go to some parlor train yourself for some time, try to gain some knowledge. Start your service from your home, in the beginning then you can provide home service to people who are looking for. If your hand work is good and people will refer you to their friends and relatives. Don’t worry you are not professionally qualified for it, to do a basic facial, waxing, pedicure and manicure you need some knowledge, you will gain that by spending sometime by taking training in a Parlor.

Spending few hours in a day will make you some handsome money in your hand. When you are referred by someone your business starts growing. This is a profession which is ever green as you will build a relationship with your client for life time.

Earn through your creative Mehandi drawing skills

Mehandi designer:

Mehandi-smart -women-income-business-ladies-fashion-occassions-wedding-sangeet-sangeeth-hand decoration-bride-bridal-makeup-beautician
Women love to design herself with Mehandi

If you are good in drawing Mehandi in hands make most of the women’s hands around you look more beautiful. Take a festival order for whole family, wedding orders for mehandi function, have your own forum and group where people call you for all the occasions. You may spend your free time in this which makes you earn.  A very small amount you need to get Mehandi cone that can earn you more and more.

Interest in drawing something new and trendy will get you a name in the market, create a network in your area with some neighbors and friends . You will have regular visitors, it’s a regular business and never fade even after ages.

Awesome clothing business idea for women


dress collection

Have a small investment get some dresses in bulk , sell it with some profit in your known circle. If you can’t have a boutique or a fancy glass shop in the beginning don’t worry at all it can’t come in just a step. Slowly start your online business, selling the same through online Have a name for your product, when you are able to sell something you will gain your confidence in the market.

This industry will never fade away its ever green business if you know to strike it right. Not a difficult task to do at all, just buying and selling with some profit and it’s not perishable product.

You can have a group of people in your surroundings and friends keep promoting the same through whatsapp and facebook also.

Sales can happen from any angle, you will not be knowing till you start the work. Its a creation of network in any business which gain you more and more.

Be a specialist in selling trendy and fashionable ones you will capture the market.