Every stitch earns you a penny


Desire towards style and clothing which most of the women choose this to be independent and love to create something special for others. Not much difficult task to carry out this…… simple ideas starts from your living room corner too….. it’s the demand in the industry which makes you prominent depends on what you deliver to your clients……. Every corner of the street you can find some designers but who designs someones outfit of  their choice stands out in the crowd. The stitch cost stands higher today than the material cost, and people love to meet you frequently if you fulfill their clothing desire as they want.

When your business grows your living room corner can come to the portico with few wardrobes and some assistants for you to help. That’s were you create a place of your own, now you are an entrepreneur. You can touch the highest very easily .

If you cant do big, here is how people make money here, have your alteration center…… just needed a small space to have your machine, make them wear a cloth with right fitting, to make this you don’t need a certified degree, basic stitching knowledge is enough,  you can take orders through home delivery where you save money and get your client in right place, as people don’t have more time to carry and give it for alteration and wait there, you charge for the time you spend for them .

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