You can customize the taste and flavor of cookies you make

2. Baking cookies:

tasty biscuits business
cookies as you want to taste

This business is as crispy as it goes inside your mouth. If you master this art you can have a good fortune in this. At your door steps people pick it up in huge quantity. None of the parties and evening tea goes without cookies, so you can have your regular client as well  in this. Your new flavor and shapes makes an added value to the product you create. Few ingredients in your kitchen shelf can make you a business women.


Look and Taste of Cakes in your choice

1. Cake Baking

Delicious & customised birthday cakes

Such a beautiful business, if you have some interest in baking and you have a small oven or OTG just try it out. Tell your friend or neighbor about your passion in baking and give them few slice when you bake for yourself . They will call you when they have an occasion to celebrate but its sure with your cake.

You have decided its your gate way today nothing wrong in spending few bucks in learning it thoroughly. Till today you may be baking only for your family but when you want to take in big volume attend some workshops for baking and take it right.

Just here is how you take your business, make some cup cakes and give it to kids party, school functions, get together , meetings, kitty parties etc.,

People are there to taste something new and delicious, get in to a big bakers shoes take the order for birthday party cakes, wedding cakes……

If there is an occasion people will remember you to celebrate it with your cakes…… very small investment but your hand can make it perfect and gives big profit.

Trendy flower decoration with awesome look


Trendy flower decoration for all special occasion

Making customized flowers according to the dressing especially it matches more to our traditional costume saree, is a trend in today’s market . Beautifully mix and match the flowers as per your clients dressing makes it more elegant. To make this you should some knowledge about the flowers and colors  is more than sufficient.

Not only bride needed these once, who ever planning to attend also looking for these as their flowers need to be unique.

Get your orders from beauty parlors, dance school, college students for their ethnic day dressing, friends and family wedding.

Its like a seasonal business which you can do it in your part time, even a school or college going girls can think of doing this, very less time you need and a very small investment.

Turn your magical craft work to make money

Selling your craft ideas:

craft-wollen-thread-handicrafts-paintings-hobbies (1)
sell your crafts & hobbies

All are not good in craft making, may be you are the one who can strike it perfect.  Very simple but your productive ideas can make you good profit. Wondering how to make money out of it? If you know to make a jute bag, sell it to the people whom you know, target a group to make your business volume more. Sell it to some shops directly, but there you can make less profit, so you can try out to the people who is searching for return gifts , place an advertisement in social media and attract more clients.

It’s a huge area where you can cover up with, there are many things start from a woolen tread flower to sweater making many things can be categorized under this craft. It’s about your interest to choose what you need to do and what you can do.

There are people who can answer somebody’s demand, as they may need something more specific , look into their specification and fulfill their demands and make money . Somewhere parents may be looking for a paper craft for their kid to send it to her class, you can fulfill their requirements.  In some schools they may be looking for a special type of flower for a program for kids,  you may be the one who will be making it for them. A small order today can get you more tomorrow. Be special in your approach.

Especially about if your skill is good in craft you can take classes. Teaching craft is an interesting job, now many parents are looking for craft teacher to put their kids to learn something productively. You can make use of it.

Sell your creative ideas through fashion jewellery

Artificial jewellery making:

fashion jewellery and thread jewellwery

It’s your passion and interest in the work you do which will take you to the high. Your creativity make you earn more. Just very little time you spend on doing this but gives you huge profit as the raw material cost is less. Fashion keeps changing so update your creative ideas in artificial jewelry making.

Artificial jewels has got huge demand in market as after few uses it goes out of our cupboard and something new enters every now and then.

Now you should know how to target the right client, sell it online stores, or target the clients from colleges, target someone who has a party or function at home as they may be in need of bulk return gifts, have some good friends in a residential complex. Answer them frequently with new trends and beautiful choices.

If you are not good In making get the same in bulk and sell it to people at a higher price, you can do it through online or in your friends circle or where you meet people.

It’s an ever green business where your creativity is sold in the name of fashion.

Awesome clothing business idea for women


dress collection

Have a small investment get some dresses in bulk , sell it with some profit in your known circle. If you can’t have a boutique or a fancy glass shop in the beginning don’t worry at all it can’t come in just a step. Slowly start your online business, selling the same through online Have a name for your product, when you are able to sell something you will gain your confidence in the market.

This industry will never fade away its ever green business if you know to strike it right. Not a difficult task to do at all, just buying and selling with some profit and it’s not perishable product.

You can have a group of people in your surroundings and friends keep promoting the same through whatsapp and facebook also.

Sales can happen from any angle, you will not be knowing till you start the work. Its a creation of network in any business which gain you more and more.

Be a specialist in selling trendy and fashionable ones you will capture the market.

Every stitch earns you a penny


Desire towards style and clothing which most of the women choose this to be independent and love to create something special for others. Not much difficult task to carry out this…… simple ideas starts from your living room corner too….. it’s the demand in the industry which makes you prominent depends on what you deliver to your clients……. Every corner of the street you can find some designers but who designs someones outfit of  their choice stands out in the crowd. The stitch cost stands higher today than the material cost, and people love to meet you frequently if you fulfill their clothing desire as they want.

When your business grows your living room corner can come to the portico with few wardrobes and some assistants for you to help. That’s were you create a place of your own, now you are an entrepreneur. You can touch the highest very easily .

If you cant do big, here is how people make money here, have your alteration center…… just needed a small space to have your machine, make them wear a cloth with right fitting, to make this you don’t need a certified degree, basic stitching knowledge is enough,  you can take orders through home delivery where you save money and get your client in right place, as people don’t have more time to carry and give it for alteration and wait there, you charge for the time you spend for them .